Touring Arts Ministry

So you have a talent and you want to serve the Lord. Perhaps you can lead worship. You do magic tricks. There aren’t a lot of job openings for you. Or maybe you can juggle. You’d like to tell people about Christ but aren’t quite sure how.

We can help you.

Need a home? We have one for you. Park yourself here without the stress of trying to pay rent from your money-collected-at-gigs fund. We all know that isn’t enough. Would you prefer to live with your parents? That’s fine. Already own a home? Whatever works, we are just here to help.

Let us book a tour for you. We have contacts all over the continent. We can fill your mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, or whatever combination of those you’d like. We can hook you up with soup kitchens, put you on reserves, bring you to churches. We always have overwhelming opportunities to share the gospel, but often lack the workers. Do you have contacts of your own to bring? Previous bookings? No problem.

You have a job you don’t think you can leave? You want to look after your siblings? No problem. If you want to only go out one weekend a month, that’s fine by us. We can sit down and talk this all through with you. What is your vision? How much are you able to give? We are here to help you.

The bad news is, we probably won’t be a great stepping stone to launching a mega-star career. We are missionaries, not at a talent agency. We go to where people need to hear about Jesus. If you’re looking for world-class recording equipment…sorry. We do offer regular Bible training, though.