How long is tour?

There are two tours of four months. September until December or January until May. We usually follow the college school year, starting after labour day and finishing early May, with one extended break at Christmas. You are welcome to come for one or both tours.

Do I need a college degree?

We strongly recommend at least two years of Bible college before applying for full-time tour. Although we review applications case-by-case, we encourage young people to pursue and education that will have them well-grounded in their faith before engaging in full-time missionary work.


What is the cost?

UpsideDown does not cost anything, although members are also not paid. Team members (especially those who stay on at least one year) are invited to join our Global Outreach Mission. This enables parents, friends and churches to support the team member and receive tax-deductible receipts.


Can I fundraise?

Fundraising takes place under the umbrella of Global Outreach Mission. Student’s will apply for short-term missionary status under GOM. The application process can take place after a student has been accepted or during the tour year. Parents, friends and churches can support students and receive tax-deductible receipts.

Application to GOM can take between 2 and 6 months, so team members are encouraged to apply early and be diligent if they intend to raise money in this manner.


Do I need to be an actor?

Absolutely not. You just need to love the Lord, love people, and be willing to learn. We can teach you drama as long as you’re willing to learn!


Where do team members stay while on the road?

Each church we go to provides billets where students will stay. This is an opportunity to meet new friends, practice hospitality, and keeps costs low.

Feel free to visit the contact page to ask any further questions.Web Slide 4