Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to:Doctrinal

Bring Christ to the unbeliever, affirm Christ in the believer.

Our Mission is to:

Use the arts as a platform to train, encourage and mobilize believers to engage and minister to those in their communities.

1. Training in Biblical Literacy

– To bring those we are in contact with to a greater understanding of the entire Scriptures

2. Encouraging the believer and unbeliever

– We exist to encourage those we are in contact with. For the non-believer that means sharing love, joy, and ultimately the gospel of Christ. To the Christian, this means affirming, encouraging and supporting them in their ministry.

3. Mobilizing to present the gospel through any platform available

– We love drama but are not limited by it. We exist to point others not to the arts, but to the cross. We provide opportunities for believers to be involved in regular ministry.