Meet The Team




Kevin Deane (Executive Director)

Binscarth, Manitoba

I preach where God opens doors, love me some improv and am usually holding a cup of black coffee. I see this ministry as a great opportunity for discipleship and evangelism training. Full coffee, empty wallet.

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Peter Welch

Lyndhurst, Ontario

Popcorn, pretzels, peppermint tea and puppets. That’s me. I enjoy creative storytelling, sketch comedy and juggling. I want to use my life to encourage, inspire and uplift others. God has taught me so much about his grace and love over this past year. My desire is to continue using the arts to help share the gospel. That’s why I’m returning to UpsideDown for a second year.











Tanner Friesen

Killarney, Manitoba

A stalwart Roughrider anti-fan and self-proclaimed culinary artisté, I love trotting the globe. Too bad I’m not tall enough to be a Globetrotter…. I’ve always had my eye on UpsideDown. As their self-proclaimed recruiter, I was so good at my job than I recruited myself! My passion is to spread the love of Christ wherever I go, whether Toronto or Tokyo. Since that is basically the mission statement of UDP, I think this ministry is a great fit for me, enabling me to use and develop the talents that God has given me to bring Him the glory He deserves. I’m thrilled to be a part of what God is doing across Canada through the abnormal mean of the arts!













Sarah Robinson

Didsbury, Alberta

I am a daughter of the Lord Most High, and ever discovering how amazing He is. I love all the arts, I love climbing trees, and for anyone that’s curious I’m 6 feet tall and no, I do not play basketball. I joined UpsideDown Productions because it has always been my dream to combine ministry and the arts and God opened the door for me to do so in the form of this drama team. My role is team mom; I remind everyone to take their vitamins.