After a three week Christmas break which included:IMG_7805

– eating more than our entire teams body weight combined

– watching so many movies that we may need to change the prescription of our glasses and,

-playing the Wii for hours on end that it is possible we lost half of our brain cells (How else would you spend your Christmas break?!)

UpsideDown Productions is officially back on the road!! Flying into Saskatoon last Wednesday, Kevin and I met up with Tim and headed IMG_7807straight into the city to begin rehearsals for our next play.With the team being cut down to two people for a week or so, a new play had to be learnt, rehearsed and performed the following day. It was a long evening, but with help from Kathy, Bobbie and Tim, PLUS Starbucks Coffee, we blasted through the blocking and left the rehearsal feeling fairly secure with only our lines to work on.

This new play called ‘Not Alone’ is a collection of testimonies by mainly First Nations people. Over the Christmas break, Kathy and Tim had the opportunity to meet up with Tim’s Uncle Bobby, who works for IMG_7773NCEM (Northern Canada Evangelical Mission) and Tribal Trails- a program that films the testimonies and stories of native people. It’s an incredible ministry with an aim to proclaim God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ in an understandable way to first nations people across Canada. Bobby wanted these testimonies to be pulled together into a piece of Drama that could be taken to schools, churches, youth groups etc… And be performed on and around reservations across Canada. What a privilege to be asked to tell these true stories that glorify Gods love for all of us.

We left Thursday afternoon and headed to Prince Albert, where we arrived at the NCEM offices with plenty of time to set up, meet Bobby, prepare and pray for the performance. Having our first performance at the offices would allow us to get an idea of how the play would be received. It was great hearing the feedback from those who attended. We got the opportunity to learn more about the history of the first nations IMG_7788people, the pain, the hurt and the struggle. It was eye opening listening to these stories and we left with a real sense and heart for the people that we were portraying through these stories. We headed to Cole Bay with Bobby and have spent the past few days ministering around that area. We met so many awesome people, and God really opened the door for future performances of this play – it’s exciting to see whaIMG_7836t He did.

We’re now currently in Alberta and have met up with Tim and Janey as we embark on a brief tour around Alberta and British Columbia.We are blessed to have Janey with us, who technically finished with the team at Christmas, for a week while we take our missionary biography to Millar College of the Bible’s second campus Sunnybrae in Salmon Arm. Then it’s straight onto NYC! We’re so excited to be back on tour and to see how God will use us in this second semester.

Please be praying for us as we travel, as we minister and perform. Pray that we place God at the center of everything that we do, and we are constantly reminded that it is all about Him, not us, that we carry His light everywhere we go. Pray over our time in New Jersey/New York as we set up a base there, and that God will open doors, contacts and pray that the crossing of the boarder is uncomplicated and stress free. We’re excited to share our journey with you!IMG_7816

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